What’s a CranFest?

CranFest is an Annual Salt Spring Island Community Family-Friendly Camp-Out Solar-Powered Full-Moon Non-Profit Live-Music&Art Outdoor-Couch-Popcorn-Movie Astronomical-Adventure All-Ages Multi-Generational Musical-Yoga Reasonably-Priced (Kids Always Free) Festival Celebration Weekend Benefit Thing

What began in 2010 as a one-off SSI Family Co-Op Preschool BBQ has evolved slowly into a recurring community summer weekend event. In our first year, legendary band Lane 31 joined our kid bbq on a whim and played in the dirt and in the dark for some fun and dancing, and questions began the following year about doing it again – and again…

Throughout the ensuing years, we have been very fortunate and grateful to have gathered together a core gang of good friend volunteers who help keep things rolling along by generously donating their time and energy, providing inspiration and great ideas and people-power. Our collaborative intentions have remained focused on keeping this a Family-Friendly and Community-Connecting weekend event where we can continue to raise our kids together, fostering and modelling responsibly fun behaviour.

Although the numbers of friends/families attending and the numbers of musicians performing have increased a bit since our first impromptu evening of live music, we strive to keep the numbers of people attending within the realms of positive family/friend and community connection – we aim to stay reasonably small and respectfully fun.

We are powered by the people and James Cowan’s solar/bike power generator trailer creation, and we are energized by the great vibes that our very talented musician friends bring to our humble little homemade stage.

We hope you’ll bring your kids and their grandparents and campout for the weekend, it’s a great way to join in on all the fun connecting with friends and families, both old and new.